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First clinically validated blood pressure monitor for use during pregnancy

Recommended for use in pregnancy

  • Common electronic BP monitors have significant difficulties in measuring during pregnancy and especially during pre-eclampsia.
  • They underestimate the pressure by up to 50 mmHg!
  • This means that, even when measurements are taken with these devices, pre-eclampsia may NOT be detected.
  • Currently, the only reliable monitor which can be used for the measurement of BP during pregnancy and pre-eclampsia is the Microlife BP 3BTO-A(2). It has been successfully validated with a sample of 105 pregnant woman.

"Microlife has produced today's only monitor with appropriate cuff sizes that can be recommended for use during pregnancy."

A. Reinders, A.C. Cuckson, J.T.M. Lee, A.H.Shennan - An accurate automated blood pressure device for use in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia: the Microlife BP 3BTO-A, BJOG: International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Volume 112, April 2005