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MAM Technology

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MAM Technology - Flash Page

Learn more about Microlife Average Mode (MAM) Technology.

MAM Technology - General Information

What is MAM Technology?

  • Microlife Average Mode - Superior reliability is achieved by the automatic data analysis of 3 successive measurements in less than 3 minutes.
  • MAM Technology provides superior reliability for blood pressure monitoring both at home and in professional settings.
  • The improvements are achieved by the automatic data analysis of three successive measurements.
  • Superior reliability gives important information to doctors and ensures that treatment plans meet healthcare needs.

How do you determine your real blood pressure?

Doctors and Hypertension Societies
recommend... take at least two readings every time and average these measurements. Future readings should be taken at the same time each day.

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Why MAM technology?

Human Blood pressure is not static
- Blood pressure is a dynamic body parameter with significant changes over the day.

BP graph

- Accuracy of a single measurement
Device scattering

Medical Benefits

  • High data reliability
  • Efficient hypertension diagnosis
  • Secured therapy control
  • Compensation for insufficient rest prior to measurements
  • Reduced measurement interferences such as causes by movements
  • Neutralizing of cuff positioning influences