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About Microlife

Microlife is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of medical diagnostic equipment for home monitoring and institutional use. Blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, asthma monitors and flexible heating are Microlife's core business.

Microlife AG, Switzerland
Microlife AG, Switzerland

Our vision is to empower consumers through our products and services to be able to manage and promote their own health. As the pioneer of the mercury-free digital thermometer, Microlife products are free of environmentally hazardous substances.

We strive for high quality, reliability and accuracy. We develop technology for the benefit of your health and set the quality standard just as high as for professional applications.

Microlife also believes that a person's freedom is a measure of his or her quality of life. Microlife measuring instruments give you information about your state of health. They provide you with independence for you to enjoy your life to the optimum. Reliability and accuracy of the measured values are crucial to guarantee safety of self monitoring. Microlife and its reputation stand for this. At Microlife, measuring means measuring as accurately as a doctor would.

Our medical devices are clinically validated and guarantee the highest level of safety. They are robust and easy to use. Whether it is fever-, blood pressure-, asthma-, weight management or flexible heating, Microlife's technology provides you with accurate and reliable solutions for children and adults.

In the future we want to continue doing together what we do best: Producing winning solutions for people. For life.

Swiss Design The Swiss Design logo speaks for Microlife product quality and design that support our commitment and dedication towards high quality and aesthetic mechanism design in all of our products and solutions for people’s health.


The success of our first development, the digital clinical thermometer in 1981 confirmed the desirability of continued research into diagnostic equipment. It remains a part of our range to this day. There is still more. Microlife is the world's leading manufacturer in the field of thermometers. This fundamental approach has developed gradually to cover an extended area, the field of HOME DIAGNOSTICS.

With our current range of products, we cover all forms of measurement and diagnostic equipment. Essentially, we provide everything you require to analyze a condition. Previously, this could only be undertaken by doctors and laboratories, with considerable interference in your freedom to make very personal decisions. The revolution in the health care field is our market. The willingness of people to accept responsibility for themselves is our future. Multicultural co-operation models have been the routine for Microlife for many years. Of course, we turn our world-wide network, individual preferences experience and, not least, any progress deliberately to our own advantage: For the benefit of the whole, which in turn benefits every individual.

Research, development and production are organised on an interdisciplinary basis, resulting in time and cost efficiency. We have the additional assurance of being able to meet country-specific requirements efficiently and being successful in marketing our products in Europe, America and Asia. We are looking for a broader application for our diagnostic expertise. Microlife produces systems for people, taking into account ethical and cultural considerations. For the benefit of the individual at all times. We want to be there for people throughout their life.


  • Micro Idea Instruments Co. Ltd was established by Kin Yuan Lin


  • Micro Idea won the Gold Medal of Invention for the "Intelligent Woman Thermometer" in Brussels and Taiwan


  • MicroLife Group was established


  • Headquarters and Factory were certified by RWTÜV for ISO 9001 and EN46001 for CE-mark based on the MDD


  • Microlife AG, Switzerland was established

  • New Microlife Group Organisation
  • Microlife Inc. USA was established


  • New Microlife CI


  • Microlife AG, Switzerland was certified by RWTÜV for ISO 9002


  • IPO (Initial Public Offering) Microlife Group
  • As the first company Microlife receives "Gütesiegel - Quality Seal" of the German Hypertesion Society (Deutsche Hochdruckliga) for their Upper Arm devices.


  • Foundation of Microlife UK and Microlife France
  • Headquarter in Switzerland moves to new premises
  • Acquisition of Biddeford Textile, Maine/USA by Microlife
  • Microlife introduces MAM Technology (Microlife Average Mode) for Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • British Hypertension Society (BHS) validation for Microlife's Blood Pressure Monitors.


  • Introduction of IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) Technology for Blood Pressure Monitors in the US.
  • Microlife and the American Heart Association form Sponsorship Agreement.
  • Microlife tops British Hypertension Society list for validated Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Microlife introduces the first and only clinically validated Blood Pressure Monitor for use in pregnancy for the detection of pre-eclampsia.


  • Frost & Sullivan Award for Microlife's outstanding product differentiation innovation.
  • Headquarter in Switzerland moves to new premises.


  • Microlife announces the continuation of distribution of former HealtheTech, Inc. products
  • Microlife wins reddot design award.