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How do Microlife digital blood pressure monitors detect human blood pressure?
  • Microlife digital blood pressure monitors perform the measurements by applying the so called 'oscillometric method'. This method is well accepted worldwide for over 30 years and is applied in hospitals, whenever the patient's blood pressure needs intensive and highly accurate control. Thereby, the blood pressure is accurately detected by analyzing the pressure oscillations that can be measured during the deflation period of the cuff pressure. This technology does not require a microphone or a stethoscope.

What is «Fuzzy Logic»?
  • «Fuzzy Logic» is an advanced technology of controlling technical components with a microprocessor. Microlife blood pressure monitors that indicate «Fuzzy Logic» are applying this technology.
  • The benefit is an automatic detection of the approx. systolic value by which the device always inflates to the best level and this technology also enables best possible accuracy for reliable measurement results.

Can I connect any cuff as long as it fits to the connection port?
  • Microlife blood pressure monitors give only reliable results, when connected to a Microlife cuff.
  • If your upper arm circumference is between 32-42 cm, you should use the Microlife L-cuff. Use the Microlife M-cuff, if it is between 22-32 cm and use the Microlife S-cuff, if it is between 17-22 cm.

Can I wash the cuff?
  • Microlife offers different cuff types. Cuff covers of advanced monitors can be washed in washing machine. Cuff covers which are enabled for washing are specified as such in the related product information.
  • Please make sure that you only wash those cuff covers which are specified for washing!
  • Only wash the cuff cover, never the entire cuff! Before washing, the bladder has to be taken out of the cover as explained in the instructions.
  • Cuffs which are not specified for washing can not be washed as this might change the cuff dimensions and lead to a loss in accuracy. But under normal application it is not necessary to wash the cuff. Spots on the cuff can be removed carefully with a damp cloth and soapsuds.

How often can the cuffs be closed and opened by the Velcro system?
  • The Velcro system can be used a minimum of 10 000 times. Most likely longer, as we stopped the test after 10 000 times (=10 years of usage, even if the Velcro would be extensively used under abnormal conditions).

I already have an AC/DC adapter at home, can I use it or do I need the Microlife adapter?
  • Microlife blood pressure monitors require a very specific power supply. This can only be guaranteed by the use of batteries or the Microlife AC adapter. The adapter is specifically designed for our products.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?
  • Advanced Microlife models can also be operated with rechargeable batteries, other models can only be used with standard, non-rechargeable, batteries.
  • The instruction manual and the rechargeable battery symbol on the packaging clearly tells you, if a Microlife model can be used with rechargeable batteries or not.
  • The power supply does not have any influence on the accuracy! If the power level is too low, the low battery signal is shown. As long as the device performs measurements, they are reliable!

I want to check my level of fitness with a Microlife blood pressure monitor but during activity the device always displays an error message. Why can I only measure under quiet conditions?
  • Microlife blood pressure monitors apply the 'oscillometric method' of detecting the human blood pressure. This method requires quiet conditions. Any movements, vibrations or shaking that appear during body activity significantly interfere with the detection. That is why you permanently get error messages, when measuring during activity.

My doctor says that I have some tendency for arrhythmia and therefore should not control my blood pressure with an electronic blood pressure monitor. Is this correct?
  • Only in case of severe arrhythmia the monitor might not be able to detect your blood pressure correctly. We recommend you to use an advanced Microlife model which PAD technology. PAD = Pulse Arrhythmia Detection. Those models detect if an arrhythmia occurred during the measurement and show a related symbol next to the reading. In this case, the result may deviate from your normal blood pressure.
  • The readings that do not show an arrhythmia symbol represent your correct blood pressure.

I have to control the pulse rate of my cardiac pacemaker very accurately. Can I use the pulse result of the Microlife blood pressure monitor for this?
  • No, digital home monitors are generally not suitable for this use. They measure the pulse for only a few seconds, but accurate pulse controls for cardiac pacemaker require a period of 1 minute or more.

Can I use my Microlife blood pressure monitor also at low pressure levels such as in the high mountains?
  • Yes, every time a Microlife blood pressure monitor is switched on, it calibrates itself to the atmospheric pressure. The internal pressure of the Microlife blood pressure monitor is adjusted with the environmental pressure level. Thus you can perform measurements also at low outside pressure levels.

Can the Microlife blood pressure monitor be used in a driving ambulance, an airplane or train?
  • Yes, you can use it, but you may get error messages because of vibration artifacts. So you may need to repeat the measurement until it is error-free. Microlife blood pressure monitors apply the 'oscillometric method' of detecting the human blood pressure.

I heard that some devices measure during inflation, but most devices such as the Microlife blood pressure monitors measures during deflation. What is more accurate?
  • The measurement principle has no proven influence on the accuracy. For accuracy it is important that a monitor is clinically successfully validated.

What is the total lifetime of a Microlife blood pressure monitor?
  • Microlife blood pressure monitors are designed for a long product life. Components that are important to achieve best accuracy are very carefully protected.
  • When designing a new product we perform stress tests of key components that dominate the lifetime. We test if these parts «survive» a usage of 5-10 years under estimated 'normal' home use conditions.
  • In any case, we recommend that you ask your authorized Microlife dealer to perform an accuracy check every 2 years.
  • By following the handling instructions as given in the manual, your Microlife device may last «for ever». This depends very much on the way, how users handle the product and it can never be guaranteed by us that the product lasts 10-20 years, as the product consist of many electronic components that may brake under various conditions. Please note that the cuff is a 'wearing part' that can develop a leakage if it is stressed very much.
  • In a summary we can say that our products are designed for a lifetime of above 5-10 years under estimated 'normal' home use conditions.

Is the Microlife blood pressure monitor waterproof?
  • No! Also please do not store it above 50°C.

If I travel with my Microlife blood pressure monitor, can I have it serviced in another country?
  • Yes, you find authorized Microlife dealers in lots of countries. Please refer to the Microlife home page ( to get the address of our distributor in the country in which you require service.
  • Some models are not sold in each country, so the local dealer may not have the required parts or facilities for a specific model!